The moment you hear that you have a mental illness, all these questions are coming at you. What does this diagnosis means to my life? Accepting that you have a psychiatric sensitivity can feel like a bereavement. You will have to step away from your current lifestyle. The way of life that you have taught yourself and what felt so familiar. Choose a different path.


You might have to adjust your expectations of the future and you will have to set a new goal: to remain stable. You will not get 100% healthy again but you will eventually become a better person for yourself because new behaviors will improve the quality of your life. Although not everyone will always understand your choices immediately, you’re sure going to feel better! Only you can’t see it yet at this moment. Especially when you’re young, still studying and have a busy social life with a lot of parties. I got my diagnosis when I was 26, after I had obtained my diploma, was married and already pregnant. If I had known it previously, would I have made different choices? I don’t know. Despite my psychosis during my first pregnancy, I still opted for a second child.

“Looking back I do not regret the things I have done, it has made me the person I am today. And I can be proud of myself!”

I now have a diagnosis. Does this change the situation?
I have always had a lot of emotional troubles without a diagnosis. With this diagnosis I now know what I have to do to remain stable and I can make my own user manual. Personally, I think it is better to know in life as soon as possible what is going on with you. It allows you to figure out who you are and that’s often not what others think of you. You will have to stop running from your problems and learn why you exhibit certain behavior in specific situations. What are the feelings that comes with it? And maybe teach yourself other behavior so that you feel better. Something many ‘healthy people’ don’t have the time to do because of their busy lives. Later when they are old and grey they may regret that they were always running and didn’t stop to examine their lives.

In the beginning you might very much feel the losses that you have suffered. “Damn it, why can’t I do the things that others do without getting out of balance?”. Yes, you will have to handle it but from experience I say that this lesson will bring you a lot of wisdom.

“Life is trial and error. Ups and downs. Everyone has their own problems though you can not always see it from the outside.”