Openness about mental health problems is important for recovery. It leads to understanding one another and is the remedy against stigma. Sharing your experiences teach others to know you better, but you also get to know yourself well. And self-knowledge required to make the right choices in life allowing you to remain in better balance.

“My name is Petra, I have a psychic sensitivity but I am so much more.”

Through this site about living with bipolar disorder I share not only my own story but also those of other experts, stakeholders and practitioners with the aim of (self-) stigma dispel on mental illnesses. I would like to bring these three worlds closer together so that we can look at each other as ‘ordinary’ people and learn from each other. Building a trusting relationship is the most important.

But I especially hope that this site helps people who fight against mental illness. Stop fighting, talk about it and learn yourself and your vulnerabilities. I always say:

“A conversation with another is an introduction to yourself.”

Would you like to write a guest blog?

Do you as a companion, stakeholder or practitioner have experiences with bipolar disorder. And would you like to share those experiences on my Dutch website? Do not hesitate and contact me bij mail:

“I’m not looking for experienced writers,
I’m looking for experience.”

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  1. Hi Petra, I found you in a sort of round about way. I suffer from BP 1, and a pretty nasty one at that. At age 54 I have been properly medicated to a BP 2. For 25 years I went diagnosed and left a wake of both wonder and destruction behind me. I have quite a few stories to tell, but I am so ashamed of my condition that with very few exceptions no one outside my family or a DBSA support group know of my disease. And yet I’ve been told all of my life that I should write a book – I have had some truly amazing experiences.
    Anyway, I thought I would start a conversation with you if that seems like a good idea.Thank you.

    P.S. Had to copy and paste this off of FB messenger, thought it might not reach you that way.


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